Supply of Coal

We offer coal to be delivered in bulk, and are ready to fulfill a large order in the shortest possible time. There are excellent connections with transport companies, customs officers, border guards of neighboring countries. It is necessary to place an order, and the cars with coal will roll to you in long echelons. The delivery of coal is our specialty, and we are aware of all the subtleties of this business. High-grade coal will be clean, dry, and exactly in accordance with the standards.

If you need any kinds of coal in large quantities, we will consider the possibility of delivery. The same applies to anthracite, graphite and brown coal. "Oil Resources" is rich in all types of high-calorie fuel and raw materials for the chemical industry. The size of the coal is a fist, a nutlet, a seed and a pin. The cost depends on the grade, but it is certainly less than that of any other suppliers. If someone writes “we supply coal”, it does not mean that he is able to provide the same quality, prices and regularity of supplies as we do. Delivery - in railway cars throughout Russia and abroad.

Deliveries of coal by rail and vessel

Coal complies with state standards for indicators such as moisture, ash, calorific value, volatile matter and sulfur content.

  • provide coal to the boiler room;
  • create a supply of coal for the power plant;
  • Supply coal to abroad
  • Our experts will advise, give professional answers to complex technical questions. After execution of the contract, deliveries will begin immediately. We can show certificates for the products supplied. If coal is needed in a country neighboring Russia, consider this option.

    Coal fraction 5-20, supplied by our company, is from the manufacturer, which accordingly guarantees the buyer the quality of the products supplied. The coal supplied by our company is shipped (to wagons as well as to motor vehicles) and complies with the requirements of GOST RF and TU, its quality is confirmed by certificates and passports.

    Oil Resources

    The Oil Resources is one of the largest trading company, reliable and proven supplier of fuel and lubricants in the Azerbaijan market and abroad. We offer an expanded list of services for the extraction, processing, delivery, transshipment of oil products

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